While the mood in Macedonia, including among Zaev supporters, is mostly somber regarding the name change, one exception is Aleksandar Naumoski, the mayor of Skopje’s western area of Gjorce Petrov, who loudly celebrated in a restaurant.

Наумоски: „Ја излези, Ѓурѓо“

Градоначалникот на Ѓорче прославува за Северна со „Ја излези, Ѓурѓо“

Gepostet von Republika Nedelnik am Sonntag, 13. Januar 2019

Eyewitnesses said that Naumoski was breaking glasses, slapping money on the musicians and requested belly dancers during the drunken bash.

Наумоски и танчарка

Mayor of Municipality of Gjorce Petrov celebrates country name change with belly dancers

Gepostet von Republika English am Sonntag, 13. Januar 2019

At one point he even sang “Ja izlezi Gjurgjo”, a song usually sung by Macedonian patriots, not leftists.