No EC report has noted a problem with Bulgaria because it refers to respect for the rights of minorities. In the Agreement with Bulgaria, there is no request to include Bulgarians in the Constitution, nor has Bulgaria ever pointed out such a problem.

For Macedonia, in all international reports, it was pointed out that there are constitutional guarantees and that there are higher standards for respecting minorities than international standards, Professor Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, who is also an MP from VMRO-DPMNE in the Parliament, said on the morning show “10 Studio” on TV 24, commenting the current developments between Macedonia and Bulgaria.

According to her, the profile of politicians is very important, what is happening in Bulgaria is related to us, but also our relationship with our neighbors.

We have shown ourselves to be a state that has no self-respect, if every request from the outside goes through with support from the outside, it shows that. Bulgaria is now part of the family, and the family protects its children, Siljanovska points out.

Speaking about the topic of changing the Constitution due to the inclusion of Bulgarians in it, she says, I will not vote for the following reasons.

The Constitution is the highest legal act and is a social charter, each government has a mandate only for what it came to the elections with, this government did not say that to the citizens. That must be said in front of the citizens, but it has not been said. This is not even in the Agreement with Bulgaria, so the rights of all citizens are respected. It’s simple, you know where the initiative to change the constitution comes from, the initiative to change the constitution cannot come from outside, Siljanovska said.

She is adamant that “this government is illegitimate, the prime minister left, most of the ministers did not participate in the elections, that’s why elections are needed.”

Regarding the proposed amnesty law, Siljanovska says that it is high time to reconsider the qualification for what happened on April 27.

There is something wrong in the nature of this crime, and terrorism cannot be recognized in any way, said Siljanovska.