Kisela Voda Mayor Orce Gjorgievski said that Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska has no authority to issue fines for the attempt to resolve the crisis with the garbage collection.

After Arsovska caused a strike in the city’s KHS garbage collection service, and the city was flooded with uncollected trash during a heatwave, Gjorgievski and Aerodrom Mayor Timco Mucunski self organized and with the help of other cities, picked up the garbage. But the management of the Drisla dump, apparently instructed by Arsovska, refused to accept the trucks, so Gjorgievski had some of them dump their cargo at the entrance to the dump. For this, Arsovska issued him a fine of 90,000 EUR.

She does not know her own prerogatives or the territory which she is administering, Gjorgievski said, noting that Drisla is outside of Skopje city limits.