The Ministry of Interior is undertaking all necessary activities to ensure a calm and secure commemoration of Goce Delcev’s birth anniversary. If it is assessed that a larger police presence is necessary, it will be provided, said Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski in a media statement Tuesday, after the second panel of the “Year of New Opportunities” conference.

He urged all political entities to be responsible in this process because irresponsibility is not good for the citizens. He sent a message to the citizens to remain calm.

Regarding the Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki and whether he will be allowed entry in the country on February 4, Spasovski said that they will make the decision based on all the analyses.

We share information regarding what is expected, and we will make decisions when the time comes. Both countries and the two ministries of the interior will do everything to leave no room for radicals who want to disrupt the relationship between the two countries. The situation must be de-escalated. We will not allow any escalation of the situation, nor incident, nor humiliation of the Macedonian people and state, he said.

Commenting on the meeting with his Bulgarian counterpart, Spasovski said that guarantees were received and that there is no official policy that can be based on the denial of the people or the state.

It is the basis for any future partnership that we should have, and at the meeting, a clear view was expressed that good relations between the two countries are important for the entire region, Spasovski said.