The ministers of internal affairs of Macedonia and Bulgaria, Oliver Spasovski and Ivan Demerdzhiev, promised that no incident would be allowed during the celebration of the birth anniversary of the Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delcev on February 4.

We talked about the celebration of Goce Delcev’s birth anniversary. This is in conditions of increased tensions and various announcements about the disruption of public order and peace. We want to send a clear message that no incident will be allowed, the Macedonian police are taking all actions and absolutely no incident must be allowed. That is to say, we will ensure the honoring that befits our great Goce Delcev. Thanks to my counterpart from Bulgaria for the clear and strong message that our friendship between the two countries and the two peoples will continue and we will jointly contribute to the stability of the two countries and the region, said Spasovski after the meeting.

Demerdzhiev promised that he will make sure that the Bulgarian citizens who will arrive in Skopje will not cause provocations.

We had a fruitful working meeting on all issues related to safe and peaceful honoring. Spasovski assured me that all security measures will be taken. I, on the other hand, confirmed that I will take all measures so that the people who will come from Bulgaria do not allow provocations or disturbance of the peace. We have come to an agreement that we have a duty not to allow some people to light a fire where there is none. The goal is to pay respect to a historical person like Goce Delcev and not to make it a ground for radical and pseudo-national calculations. Spasovski assured me that the case with Pendikov will be completely cleared up. The goal is to have prevention and not allow such cases in the future. Because such incidents disturb our relations which are at a high level. I handed over to my counterpart Spasovski documents from the case about the received threats on Pendikov’s life while he was in the hospital and the culprits will be held accountable before the law, said Demerdzhiev.