If the government comes out with the claim that agency networks and foreign money are involved in creating tensions with Bulgaria, we ask that they do not hide them and indicate by name who those agency networks are and what influence they have. We ask that they be known and publicly identified so that citizens do not fall under their influence, said Naum Stoilkovski, spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE, answering a journalist’s question at today’s press conference.

Secondly, Stoilkovski pointed out that financial institutions are required to monitor the flow of money and to publish how the Bulgarian associations in Macedonia are financed.

Thirdly, and importantly for the government in Macedonia is to ask Bulgaria to consistently respect the decisions of the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg. Fourthly, the authorities should react to the disparaging and negative policies and statements from the Bulgarian side, Stoilkovski pointed out.

Stoilkovski emphasizes that instead of a submissive relationship, the government should have dignified positions and behavior.