Oliver Derkvoski, President of the State Electoral Commission, said that cant just resume work on preparing elections. The SEC was preparing a vote on April 12, but they were ordered to stop preparations as the coronavirus spread. But the elections were never officially called off, the Parliament is dissolved and it’s unclear who can set a new date.

The campaign can’t just resume. We can’t even finalize the voter rolls, which is a pre-condition for holding the elections, a serious election. We need to conduct a number of actions and to have a date when the campaign will officially begin. The SEC does not have the authority to set a new election date, Derkovski told Alsat TV in an interview.

The ruling SDSM party is calling for the Parliament to simply re-convene, which was rejected by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party, DUI and many legal experts as a precedent that is not possible under the Constitution. The push by SDSM has prompted concerns that they want to have the Parliament set an election date before the crisis has been completely resolved.