Another protest gathering of the students from the Skopje university took place this afternoon, in reaction to the attempt by the SDSM – DUI coalition to reduce the already meager food subsidies needy students are receiving.

Students marched between the Education Ministry and the Parliament to demand that the food subsidy is increased from 120 denars (2 EUR) to 160 denars per day. They also demand much needed renovation work on the state owned dorms in Skopje and that the dorms are exempt from the planned energy spending cuts.

VMRO-DPMNE came out in support of improving living standards for the students. The opposition party said that it will submit two amendments to the law that would increase food aid to the level demanded by the students and extending it for several months.

This is the last chance for the Government to see reason and to accept our amendments. Enough with the fake discussion groups, negotiations and re-negotiations. The Government needs to show in practice if it supports the students, or are they at the bottom of its priorities, said VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Bojan Stojanoski.