Besa Ademi, who presides with the Supreme Court, is one step closer to removal after the grilling she endured yesterday at the Judicial Council.

The attack on her was led by Miljazim Mustafa, a DUI party appointee who was nominated to the Court by President Stevo Pendarovski. The main issue Mustafa raised against Ademi was her refusal to attend sessions of the Judicial Council, which he labeled as disrespect. She was invited before the Council after she publicly accused unnamed political structures of pressuring the court.

It is widely rumored that Ademi was asked to help reinstitute the pardons President Gjorge Ivanov gave to over a hundred state officials during the Colored Revolution in 2016, in an attempt to end the lawfare element of the regime change operation. In an ironic twist, SDSM and DUI are now hoping that by ending the prosecution of former VMRO-DPMNE officials, they will create a powerful faction and divide the opposition party right before the elections. US Ambassador Angela Aggeler visited the court shortly after Ademi made her allegations, to express support for their work.