The protests yesterday remain the main political issue in the city of Tetovo. Protesters clashed with the police that was preventing them from gathering in front of the office of the ruling DUI party, to demand accountability after the deadly hospital fire that killed 15 people. Four officers were injured and four protesters detained.

Friends of protest organizer Blerim Ahmeti shared the video of his arrest later in the day. Protesters blamed DUI of stacking the police with party supporters and using it to discourage protests.

Another video showed a heated moment when a protester picks up a brick during an altercation with a police officer before other protesters remove it from his hand. The incident happened in the houses surrounding the DUI office where protesters were trying to find alternative routes.

DUI blames the Albanian opposition parties AA and Alternative of organizing the protests. The parties deny this, but insist that DUI’s unchecked stranglehold on power over the past 20 years has led to a huge level of corruption and mismanagement.