My Appointment, the online time management system introduced in the Macedonian public healthcare, temporarily collapsed on Monday, after a number of changes were introduced into it.
Patients were unable to get the necessary specialist appointment while the system was down. By Tuesday, the malfunction was removed that My Appointment was working again.

The goal of the system, introduced by the previous, VMRO-DPMNE led Government, is to automatically schedule specialist appointments when a patient visits the general practitioner in order to eliminate any possibility of fraud, corruption and preferential treatment. The system assigns patients automatically to the first available term of a near – by specialist in the particular field of medicine, and manages the specialist’s time, where previously better regarded public sector doctors were able to pick and choose patients.

While in opposition, the SDSM party was very critical of the system only to accept it as necessary once it took over the Government, to the point of now planning to expand it to the private healthcare sector as well.