Public healthcare is poorly organized, patients wait for diagnostic results for several weeks, the Government made a strategic mistake when it stopped the construction of the “Mother Teresa” Clinical Center, and young doctors are leaving the country. These are some of the remarks of participants of today’s panel discussion on public healthcare organized by VMRO-DPMNE.

According to dr. Igor Nikolov, a strategic ‘mistake’ was made in the past seven years by stopping construction on the already approved clinical center in the campus of the “Mother Teresa” clinics in Skopje. As Nikolov said, the Government instead began a media campaign for the construction of a clinical center at a new location, for which there was neither a prepared project nor research on the location, and now Macedonia still does not have a modern healthcare center for the treatment of patients.

A big strategic mistake was made in the last seven years, of not continuing the construction of the Mother Teresa Clinical Center, but entering into some kind of a campaign to build a clinical center in a location that was not examined geomechanically, there was no investigation of the archaeological sites at the location, and there was no project, And yet, with trumpets and fanfare it was declared that this location is perfect and that it will be good for the entire healthcare system, and in the end we ended up not having any results from that – Nikolov pointed out at the conference.

Regarding the educational process, dr. Aleksandra Nikolovska, official of the UMS of VMRO-DPMNE, emphasized on the podium that future doctors learn from old and outdated books, while in other places, such as Vienna, they already practice with virtual reality devices. “Emigration and reforms are two key words that are intertwined and we young doctors notice this the most, because the departure rate from Macedonia is alarming. There is lack of motivation, and no encouragement from the state”, added Nikolovska.