In a statement, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani acknowledged that the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party will not support the constitutional amendments that Bulgaria requires from Macedonia, even as other Government officials continue to insist that they are in touch with VMRO members of Parliament who will join their side.

I would like if VMRO-DPMNE voted with us. We could sit down first and conclude that this is in our interest. We met all their demands and preconditions. We gave guarantees, DUI will leave the Government, they will get early elections on the same day of the vote. So what is the problem? It’s only their stubbornness, and calculations how to grab power. The citizens expect more responsible behavior from all of us, Osmani said.

He added that there is still no set date when the amendments will be presented before Parliament. But Osmani promised that the process will be transparent and the citizens will be informed of their content – by way of billboards if necessary.