Xhezair Shaqiri – Commander Hoxha, one of the leaders of the NLA/UCK guerrilla group, turned on his former main commander Ali Ahmeti. Shaqiri accused Ahmeti of cowardice during the 2001 war which he started, and of profitting from the deaths of their fellow fighters.

Tell us Ahmeti, when and where did the war start? Describe the decisive battle in Aracinovo, how many units were there? Did you give at least some piece of advice on how to organize the units and when to start the offensive? Neither you nor any solder from your Zajas were in the front lines. Tells us instead how you and others around you became millionaires. Shame on you, Shaqiri writes in an editorial addressed to Ahmeti.

Ahmeti is currently facing an unprecedented split in the DUI party which he created from the ranks of the NLA.