In response to the Union of High School Students’ request, the Ministry of Education and Science has decided to conclude the 2023/2024 academic year in secondary schools on June 10, deviating from the initially scheduled June 17 as outlined in the instructional calendar.

The June 17 end date remains unchanged for elementary school pupils, while the spring break for both elementary and secondary students is set between April 29 and May 6.

The Ministry of Education and Science is currently deliberating on how to compensate for the two non-working Wednesdays during the presidential and parliamentary elections (April 24 and May 8).

Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri informed reporters that, unlike the Law on Elementary Education, which specifies a fixed number of working days, the Law on Secondary Education lacks this provision. The decision to conclude the school year on June 10 was prompted by the Union of High School Students’ request to facilitate administrative procedures for university enrollment.

The second semester of the ongoing school year is set to commence next Monday, January 22.