Asked whether the largest opposition party intends to change its name in accordance with the Prespa treaty, sources in VMRO-DPMNE say that the party does not accept the treaty and has no intention of renaming itself.

VMRO is the historic acronym of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization whigch fought for a Macedonian nation state, while DPMNE stands for the Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity.

Unlike VMRO, the ruling SDSM party which forced the name change onto the country, intends to rename itself as well, but it is still unclear which name it would assume. Its leader Zoran Zaev said that the party would either be the Social Democratic Alliance (SDS) or the Social Democratic Alliance of North Macedonia (SDSSM). The party could also rename itself Social Democrats of North Macedonia which would allow it to keep its abbreviation SDSM.

Other smaller parties mostly say that they have no intention to change their names. One of them, the green DOM party which left its alliance with VMRO to join SDSM in the Government and supported the name change, would still rather keep its name which translates as Democratic Renewal of Macedonia.