The President of the State Election Commission (SEC), Aleksandar Dashtevski, announced on Monday that the Commission is advocating for the inclusion of a transitional provision in the Electoral Code. This proposed provision aims to allow citizens with valid, unexpired documents bearing the name Republic of Macedonia to participate in the upcoming elections, even as the Government is moving to declare these documents invalid.

Dashtevski stated, “As SEC, we have submitted a proposal to Parliament to amend the Electoral Code and introduce a transitional provision solely for these elections. This provision would validate unexpired documents with the country’s old name, ensuring all citizens have the opportunity to cast their votes. The decision on adoption rests with the Parliament.”

In addressing citizens nearing the age of 18, Dashtevski explained that they can seek inclusion in the electoral roll. On Monday, Abdush Demiri was sworn in as the seventh member of the Commission, filling the vacant slot left by former member Krenar Lloga, who assumed the role of Minister of Justice. The opposition coalition of ethnic Albanian parties proposed Demiri for the position.