A video has been released on YouTube, showing the entire chronology of the incidents in the Shutka prison, in which former ministers Mile Jakimoski and Spiro Ristoski were attacked and injured.

February 21, THURSDAY – The evening following the attacks on Ristovski and Janakieski, SDSM came out with the view that “VMRO orchestrated the event” – just as SDSM came out with a view on May 9, 2015, that VMRO also orchestrated the attack in Divo Naselje. SDSM promised an international investigation and “finding out the truth about Divo Naselje”, which never happened.

February 22, FRIDAY – Commander Malisheva (Divo Naselje) braged about the attack on the ex-ministers of VMRO-DPMNE, but this doesn’t stop the director of Shutka and Prime Minister Zaev from claiming that Janakieski and Ristovski provoked the Divo Naselje terrorists and that’s why there were attacked. SDSM does this to divide the public so that their supporters can have a (crazy) theory to believe in.

February, 25, MONDAY – Deputy Ombudsman Vaska Bajramovska on TV Telma’s Top Tema show said that the Divo Naselje terrorists claim that they were provoked by Ristovski and Janakieski, which is an IDENTICAL position with that of SDSM (despite the fact that three days earlier Malisheva boasted about the attack on the “members of VMRO-DPMNE who were in the prison”, and two days earlier in a letter the group from Divo Naselje announced that it would continue with the attacks on (ex) VMRO officials who would meet them in prison.

The Ombudsman also said that she watched the footage that shows Ristovski surrounded by a group that attacks him, and Janakieski walking in the prison yard alone when Esat Kafegjoli runs up to him and attacks and beats him.

February 2, TUESDAY – Telma learns about the prison report, which acknowledges that a number of omissions led to Ristovski and Janakieski being attacked and that the prison authorities did nothing to stop the attack on Janakieski, but the report is kept secret.

Instead of taking responsibility for the suspicious case in which the VMRO-DPMNE ex-ministers and the Divo Naselje terrorists were allowed to go for a walk at the same time, the director of the prison Kotevski accused that “according to all reports” Ristovski and Janakieski provoked (although the ombudsman said that such are only the reports-testimonies of the attackers), and an SDSM spokesman said the attack was ” a scenario of VMRO-DPMNE”.

The resignation demanded by Zaev and offered by the director of the Sutka prison, Kotevski, will be considered after the elections are over.