Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said late on Tuesday that without DUI lawmakers they will not have 61 deputies and that the situation is not very simple.

We have a coalition of 68 MPs. If you take away the ten MPs of DUI, we have 58, so we do not have 61. So, it is not so simple, therefore serious political subjects seriously approach all the problems. They first find the causes, second, they give the answers to the public, and third, they give conclusions that would mean if some mistakes were made, how not to repeat them. SDSM Vice President Muhamed Zeqiri holds a serious position in the party, and of course in the country through his parliamentary mandate. It is worthwhile to consider all the arguments from Zeqiri, as well as all other MPs, to hear our DUI partners so that we can finally draw conclusions, Zaev said.

He added that they are close to finding a consensual presidential candidate.