The truth hurts. Bujar Osmani is especially hurt, as well as Zoran Zaev and Dimitar Kovacevski. Yesterday I said that Bujar Osmani is working for Albania to start negotiations with the EU, and for Macedonia whatever happens. It hurts. But it is true, comments the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski.

Just like I said four years ago that he was working on Macedonia entering the same group with Albania, which was far behind us. They said what I was saying was “science fiction.” After a few months, that “science fiction” was realized and Macedonia did NOT GET a date for negotiations, but that is why it entered the same group with Albania.

Also, even then, in 2018, I said that Macedonia with SDSM and DUI will not start negotiations. Now is 2022 and Macedonia IS NOT STARTING negotiations.

The truth hurts but it must be told. Responsibility and resignations immediately because you humiliated Macedonia and left it at the bottom of Europe and the Balkans, said Nikoloski.