The public interest for politicians must be above all else, as well as the increasing need for accountability and responsibility of elected and appointed officials who have state property at their disposal and make decisions that may have lasting consequences for current and future generations, we disclose to the public that there is a minister in the government who cannot cope with her daily responsibilities and according to the analysis and opinion of a specialist psychiatrist from February 16, 2023, she has been on sedatives for a long time and have a feeling of powerlessness, said VMRO-DPMNE MP, Dragan Kovacki during today’s Parliament Q&A session.

He emphasizes that in order to be a minister or prime minister of a country, one needs to possess certain qualities, but also to have appropriate reactions in given situations that will not always be pleasant.

According to experts whom I consulted as a member of parliament, the unwillingness to face the truth and the fear due to one’s inappropriate actions can cause behavioral manifestations as a result of the mental state. Specifically, according to the psychiatrist’s report on the Minister of Defense, I quote: her hands are shaking, she cannot hold a thought, she has reduced attention and concentration, has problems with thinking, and she is confused. She has decreased willpower, and unpleasant thoughts and has to make extra efforts to do the same things she used to do, he said.

Kovacki emphasized that according to the report, the minister feels the futility of her activity and efforts and says that for 3 months she has been having repetitive images; she is obsessed; she is constantly tense; she is often restless, she often has disturbed sleep and inhibition.

According to the specialist-psychiatrist, in the mental status of the minister who voluntarily came forward and voluntarily performed the psychiatric examinations, it is ascertained that she has an obsessive thought process. In addition to this state of reduced cognitive functions, the minister was also prescribed sedative therapy, that is, she is under sedation for 3 months, said Kovacki.

He pointed out that according to the Law on classified information, i.e. the decree article 4 point 13, a security clearance cannot be issued to a person who suffers from a mental or emotional condition that can cause significant deficiencies in their judgment or confidentiality and can make the person even an unintentional potential safety risk that is determined based on medical records.

The question to the Prime Minister is do you think there is a need for the immediate dismissal of the Minister of Defense who has the listed manifestations of the mental condition for which there is a written document from a psychiatrist? Are you going to dismiss her, Kovacki asks.