Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trencevska, met on Wednesday with John Kennedy Mosoti, UNFPA Country Director for Serbia, Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo, and Afrodita Shalja-Plavjanska, UNFPA Head of Office, for talks on the preparation of a new Demographic Policy Strategy of Macedonia.

The meeting discussed the preparation of the new Strategy for Demographic Policy of Macedonia, which is of great importance as a document that identifies priority areas and directions for improving existing demographic trends through the implementation of long-term policies and areas of action that directly and indirectly affect demographic development in Macedonia.

The Minister emphasized that the preparation of the new strategy for demographic policies is preceded by a process of assessment of the existing strategy and the degree of its implementation, followed by the establishment of an inter-sectoral working group that will make recommendations for the development of the new strategy. It is a practice to organize final workshops to finalize the proposed priorities and policies for action.