The government, as per the Ministry of Defence’s information, authorized the entry and stay of foreign armed forces for the ‘Trojan Footprint 24′ training and exercise from January 16 to March 16. According to the press release, 40 members from the United States Armed Forces’ special forces and 12 from the Republic of Greece’s special forces, equipped with weaponry, equipment, vehicles, and technical resources, will participate. Additionally, the Army of the Republic of Macedonia will actively engage 55 members in both activity participation and logistical support.

The exercise is slated to unfold across the Krivolak Training Area, training sites, and firing ranges within the Skopje and Shtip garrisons. ‘Trojan Footprint 24’ holds strategic significance for Macedonia’s international exercise agenda for 2024 and 2025. It aligns with the nation’s commitment to plan, organize, and execute joint training and exercises alongside NATO allies.