The EU remains in the position of accession, but also there’s a difficult development, the main reason – Bulgaria. I want to hope that this will change in the coming period. Bulgaria needs to understand that within the European family it cannot continue with denying, but with connecting, Alexis Tsipras said in an interview with TV21 on Friday.

Tsipras believes that the Prespa Agreement will continue to be a document that will guarantee prosperity not only for Macedonia and Greece, but for the entire region. Speaking vividly about the functioning of the EU, Tsipras says it is steering a large ship and therefore turning slowly, left and right. However, he sent a message that it should be more resolute in its decisions.

The EU needs to be more resolute in terms of foreign policy. One cannot be influential, be a force – power on the world map, and not be able to solve the problems in the neighborhood. I think there is no option for the countries of the Western Balkans other than to insist and there is no other option for the EU than to continue with the decisions regarding enlargement, an enlargement process for the countries of the Western Balkans, said Alexis Tsipras.