US Ambassador to Macedonia Angela Aggeler called on the Parliament to accept the constitutional changes that Bulgaria requires, that would include the Bulgarian community in the preamble. Bulgaria says it will not allow Macedonia to continue its EU accession talks until this change is made.

Speaking at a youth event in Gostivar, ambassador Aggeler said that it is not a popular move, but is necessary for the country to move forward. She said that the members of Parliament should vote for the amendments, which is key for the future of the country.
The opposition VMRO-DPMNE party is against the move without reciprocal recognition of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria and without guarantees that this would be the last demand issued by Bulgaria. Without VMRO, the ruling coalition doesn’t have the votes to adopt the amendments. Ambassador Aggeler said that she is aware of the opposition’s opinion, but that voting “yes” will be in the best interest of Macedonia.