Speaker Talat Xhaferi warned that the Parliament practically has no quorum to continue with its work. Regarding the constitutional amendments that Bulgaria wants to see adopted in Macedonia, he said that the process should begin by June or July this year, and end in November, when Macedonia would hit an EU roadblock if the request is not accepted.

As the ruling majority faces apathy and factions both in the SDSM led coalition and in DUI, Xhaferi warned members of Parlamen that they need to be focused on their jobs and attend Parliament sessions. The opposition is often unwilling to provide quorum to SDSM and DUI, meaning that every internal rift in these parties leaves the Parliament unable to function.

Xhaferi welcomed the possibility of adding the Alliance of Albanians to the ruling coalition, which would probably provide the quorum to the Parliament, but would do little to help the ruling coalition get to the 81 votes it needs to amend the Constitution. As the opposition demands early elections to break this political crisis, Xhaferi said that this would not solve the problem with the requested constitutional amendments, but would only complicate it even more.