As is the party’s VMRO-DPMNE is beginning its official election campaign in Ohrid. Party leader Hristijan Mickoski, accompanied by Igor Durlovski, the opera singer and political dissident who leads the VMRO list in the 5th district, promised that the campaign will be positive, based on principles and not on “mudslingling”.

We will not engage in a brutal or dirty campaign and we expect that our opponent will do the same and will refrain from using falsehoods and manufactured attacks in their campaign. We are presenting a specific program with projects and proposals, and this is the type of campaign we want to lead. We will focus on all the failures and injustices that the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia have suffered, Mickoski said.

Охрид, претставување на предизборната програма 24.06.2020

Охрид, претставување на предизборната програма 24.06.2020

Gepostet von Hristijan Mickoski am Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2020


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the large scale rallies that were typical of the pre-election campaigns, especially for VMRO, will not be held this time around. Party representatives are holding small scale meetings with supporters across the country. Meeting with the citizens of Ohrid,Durlovski said that a major task of the future Government will be to keep Ohrid on the UNESCO list, as part of the global cultural heritage. Macedonia’s best known tourist destination faced an epidemic of unlawful construction from local party bosses which has undermined its character.

 We will also work to connect Ohrid to Skopje through a modern highway as soon as possible, Durlovski said, pointing to the half built highway which the SDSM led Government completely abandoned.

In a Facebook message, opposition leader Mickoski said that during the meetings in Ohrid, it was visible how dissappointed the citizens are in all that was done by the SDSM party during the past three years. “But this is no time to feel down, now is the time to fight. Macedonia has its head bowed and its spine bent. Now is the time to renew our country, to have Macedonia stand up straight again and to be proud again”, Mickoski said.