VMRO-DPMNE calls on the Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani and other representatives of Kovacevski’s cabinet to come to Parliament and inform the representatives about the state of negotiations with Bulgaria.

Representatives from both Governments met in Sofia yesterday and initiated negotiations in four areas – economy, culture, infrastructure and EU integrations – on top of the difficult historic negotiations that are on-going. But Nikola Micevski, head of the VMRO group in Parliament, says that the opposition is not informed of any details, even though the ruling majority does not have the votes to push any more lasting agreement through Parliament.

Prime Minister Kovacevski is not in such a comfortable situation to be able to make decisions for the entire Macedonian people, without informing the opposition that has 44 seats in Parliament and won 44 mayoral seats in the recent local elections, Micevski said.

He echoed a demand from Antonio Milososki that the Government representatives come before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament to answer questions about the policy on Bulgaria, adding that the session could be held behind closed doors. Some of the main Bulgarian demands, such as naming the Bulgarian minority in the Macedonian Constitution, will require support from the opposition.