There will be no constitutional amendments, and if there is at least a bit of courage left in him, Kovacevski should submit the initiative to the Parliament, but also his signed resignation letter, VMRO-DPMNE said in a statement on Saturday.

“Since Kovacevski and the Government claim that they have the Parliamentary majority necessary for constitutional amendments, we call upon them to submit the initiative to the Parliament as soon as possible. Kovacevski also claims that he has the courage so – if he didn’t lose that courage somewhere along the road, or if it isn’t locked in some drawer – I dare him to show up in the Parliament with his proposals. By the way, when submitting the initiative, Kovacevski should also print a copy of his letter of resignation – it can be identical to the one he already tried to submit, but Talat Xhaferi tore it up. We expect him to submit his resignation immediately after the voting in the Parliament, when it will be established that the ruling parties don’t have the qualified majority, hence they won’t be able to start the procedure for constitutional amendments”, reads the VMRO-DPMNE statement.

The Government’s attempts to procrastinate are futile, VMRO-DPMNE warns, because there will be no amendments – VMRO-DPMNE and the people won’t allow it.

“Absent of Parliamentary decision, the so-called “workgroup on constitutional amendments” is wasting people’s money on per diems. These alleged experts turned the workgroup into a wishing fountain and jukebox of ideas, going as far as redefining the unitarian character of Macedonia. In other words, the ruling parties did the accounting without asking the people, hence the reaction of the citizens. They should see if they didn’t already, that their self-conceitedness and sycophantism only lead them and the country into a precipice. That must change, and it will, this criminal Government will be punished”, reads the Saturday VMRO-DPMNE statement.