Silegov and SDSM left a debt of 160 million euros to the City of Skopje, said VMRO-DPMNE on Sunday.

The city is in debt, and that is why Silegov and SDSM are the only ones to blame. Only on the basis of future liability under concluded contracts there is a debt of 58,140,165 euros. The contracts concluded by Silegov are not the only problem. Additionally, he started procedures for concluding public procurement contracts in the amount of 11,377,052 euros. The extravagance of Silegov and SDSM can be seen even after 7 loan contracts in the amount of 32 million euros. In total, on all grounds, Silegov left the city with a debt in the amount of 158,196,797 euros. In addition to all these debts, Silegov spent the money from the sale of the town hall, for which we still do not know where it ended up. Silegov and SDSM did not work for the people of Skopje, but for several private pockets, according to VMRO-DPMNE.