VMRO-DPMNE accused today the ruling DUI and SDSM parties of trying to sell the large publicly owned MEPSO energy company to a Greek company.

MEPSO is in charge of the electric powerlines. According to Greek sources, the Greek state energy company is about to conclude a deal to purchase MEPSO. VMRO notes that the Greek company is partially owned by Chinese companies.

If the Government decides to sell MEPSO, that will lead to full loss of our energy intedpendence, VMRO-DPMNE warns.

Following the energy crisis of 2022, when due to mismanagement and corruption the key coal plant in Bitola was left without coal, Macedonia began to import large quantities of coal from Greece. The only sizable future investment, the Cebren hydro plant, is awarded to a Greek company. And a Greek company also plans to build a gas energy and heating plant in Skopje, as part of the policy to direct imports of gas to Greece.