VMRO-DPMNE held a round table in Pehcevo, as part of their campaign to discuss key issues of importance to the citizens. Led by member of Parliament Nikola Micevski, the party discussed emigration and demographics in this largely depopulated region of Malesevo.

I remember Pehcevo, when the bazaar was full of people and children played on the streets. Now, unfortunately, the city is empty, as is much of the region, even Vinica and Makedonska Kamenica. The east is emptying out because of the strategic mistakes done over the past seven years, when a Government grabbed power promising new life to the citizens. Since then, there is no stability in business, in investments and no investments in the human capital. There is no family in Macedonia with young, capable people, who are not considering leaving. Our young people are disappointed, and see no future here, Micevski said.

He noted that the programs to support families with children were systematically dismantled by SDSM and DUI. Micevski promised that under a VMRO led administration, Macedonia will experience renewed regionally balanced development that will slow down and reverse the current emigration levels.