The VMRO-DPMNE party will submit a proposal to Parliament today to amend the electoral code and abandon the rule that a broad Government is formed 100 days before each general election. This is part of VMRO’s attempts to speed up the holding of early elections after the ruling SDSM party was delegitimized in the October local elections and was pushed to replace its leader Zoran Zaev with little known Dimitar Kovacevski. 

If accepted, the change would allow holding early elections in 45 to 60 days – of course, provided that there are 61 votes in Parliament in favor. VMRO is also courting SDSM’s smaller coalition partners by offering to support their major demand – the abolition of the current six electoral districts in favor of one single district, where smaller parties would be able to compete without being forced to enter in a coalition with some of the larger parties.