The 7.4 percent energy price hike will increase profits of energy companies by 20 million EUR, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski. The conservative party claims that companies such as the EVN distributor are hiring security and other subcontracting companies linked to the Zaev family in a way that diverts some of the extra profits of the price hike toward the Zaev family.

Instead of streamlining to reduce waste because of the lower revenue caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the bill is being sent to the consumers, who are also badly hit by the epidemic and its economic fallout. We are talking about extra 20 million EUR that are taken from the citizens, Arsovski said during a press conference.

Arsovski pointed to the hiring spree in some of the state owned energy companies such as ELEM which he said were used to buy votes and land comfortable positions for SDSM suppoters. This includes the payment of holiday bonuses to all ELEM employees of one average salary. Now, after the elections, the price for this abuse of the public energy sector will  be paid by the consumers.