The diplomats are increasing the pressure for the constitutional amendments. Some, such as the German Roth, go as far as to ay that the amendments will hurt, but they have to be implemented.

It is easy to say, but let’s see what the introduction of the Bulgars to the Macedonian Constitution will really mean, and that it isn’t a mere addition of one more people, as they are trying to picture it.

By getting their inscription into the Constitution, the Bulgars will get several hours long own program in Bulgarian language on Macedonian Radio and Television.

They will also have their own representative in the Committee on Intercommunity Relations, and get a voice to tell us what to do with ur country.

The Bulgars will also get their own holiday, which they get to choose by themselves, and it will be a bank holiday for them. It can easily be March 3, the day of the creation of the short-lived Sanstefano Bulgaria, which included almost the entire region of Macedonia