Srdjan Lalic, a protected witness in the case against Velja Nevolja, said that people from Macedonia also used phones with the “Sky” application, which is encrypted and almost impossible to detect. However, after the arrest of the gang, with the help of the French police, the communication through “Sky” was hacked and the content of the conversations was revealed.

During yesterday’s trial, Lalic explained that he first received “Sky” before the murder on the rails from Belivuk and destroyed it after the murder. Since 2018, he has become a distributor for this application.

Through the official website of “Sky” I submitted a request to be a distributor, that is, a partner. I got in touch with the management of “Sky”, we exchanged pin codes and communicated through Sky, said Lalic.

The price of “Sky” was 1,100 euros for six months, 600 euros for three months.

At one point I was a representative for the Balkans, and I had several agents. Ilija Kovacevic, Balkan Sky cooperated with me for Belgrade, he said and added that there is a network in Croatia, Montenegro, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany and Macedonia.