After Mirjana Najcevska received a fine of 200 euros for throwing paint, a discussion broke out on social why Zev, Shekerinska, Shilegov and Oliver Spasovski haven’t been fined too.

Ivor Mickoski wrote on Facebook:

Najcevska has been fined with 200 euros for throwing paint. To say that you are idiots, is too little. Is there a dumber way to show that you are a stinking and provincial elite, to punish someone else for what you did yourself, then usurped, and eventually led you to power. Troglodytes.

Others pointed out to a video which clearly shows Zaev, Sekerinska, Shilegov and Spasovski throwing paint.

Zoran Zaev throws paint, Radmila Sekerinska throws paint, Petre Shilegov throws paint, Oliver Spasovski as well, can you explain why there are no charges against them, but there is a fine for Mirjana Najchevska?

Lumi Bekiri was also given a 200 euro fine.

Hello, Ministry of Interior. I have a video that clearly shows Radmila Sekerinska throwing paint on state institutions and which I can deliver to you. Will the punishment reach her like the others and why not?, Bekiri wrote on Facebook.