Xhevdet Hajredini is a former official, finance minister, columnist and analyst. Hajredini served as a minister from September 1992 to the end of 1994. Hajredini continuously presents his views on various issues, and this view has been repeatedly presented to the public and well elaborated in the texts and interviews for CIVIL MEDIA. He reminds us today:

The moment has come to repeat what I have written and told many times before: DUI will vigorously oppose the reforms in the judiciary. It will do everything to prevent SPO from completing open investigation procedures. Zaev has no power, without the assistance of foreigners, to deal with Ali Ahmeti, who knows very well that, together with his closest associates, if the reforms succeed, they will end up with those who have been in power for eight years, who captured the country and plunged it into a deep crisis, from which there is no way out without direct intervention by the EU and the US.