During today’s Racket court hearing, Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 testified that he was part of negotiations between businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev and Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce, to let Kamcev purchase the largest hospital in Macedonia. Zoran Zaev, as then Prime Minister, was involved in the talks over the phone, Boki 13 testified.

Kamcev wanted to take the 8th of September hospital, and run it under a private-public partnership. He was at my home with Filipce. Filipce offered him hospitals in other cities, but Kamcev wanted tis one. During one of the meetings, Zoran Zaev was included over the phone, Boki 13 testified.

Boki is being sued by Kamcev for financial damages after he helped extort 1.5 million EUR from him, in a scheme that likely included Zaev as well. Kamcev already runs the Acibadem Sistina hospital, where Filipce used to work, and wanted to expand to the near-by former military hospital.