Ukraine must bear in mind the assistance it receives from Poland, emphasized Polish President Andrzej Duda, amidst the escalating disagreement between the two nations concerning the importation of agricultural goods.Although Poland continues to stand as a steadfast supporter of Ukraine in light of the Russian invasion, tensions have arisen between the two nations due to Poland’s recent decision to prolong the embargo on Ukrainian grain imports. Warsaw contends that this move is essential to safeguard its own agricultural industry.

“It would be good for Ukraine to remember that it receives help from us and to remember that we are also a transit country to Ukraine,” Andrzej Duda told reporters in New York after addressing the United Nations General Assembly.

On Friday, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary announced restrictions on imports from Ukraine following the European Commission’s decision not to extend a ban on sales to Ukraine’s five EU neighbors, which included Romania and Bulgaria. This ban had been put in place in response to a surge of inexpensive imports from Ukraine, as the country grappled with challenges in delivering grain to more distant nations.

In response to these developments, Ukraine has called for “constructive dialogue.” Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the World Trade Organization confirmed that Ukraine has taken the initial step in the trade dispute by filing a complaint with the global trade body.

President Duda emphasized that if Ukraine proceeds with the complaint, Poland will provide a detailed explanation of the situation to the tribunal. Importantly, he clarified that the ban pertains to the importation of Ukrainian grain and does not affect its transit through these countries.