Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban demands answers from Brussels on their future migration plans and accused Brussels of being extremely short-sighted in its overall strategic outlook.

It is not possible to go into a campaign like we’re in the end of the 19th century at the time of Franz Joseph and say that everything is really nice, everything is very good, I’m happy with everything, while one of the world’s biggest economies left the European Union, and in the meanwhile millions of migrants entered the European Union. For this somebody has to bear responsibility, and the truth is that the responsibility lies with the leaders of the European institutions. It was in the Soviet times when it was not possible to speak about what the situation is like. The situation is bad, Orban said in his weekly interview.

According to Orban, the situation is made worse by stubbornly adhered to plans to increase migration into the European Union, despite the political tensions they have caused. Orban called out the outgoing President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker and asked him to clarify his intentions regarding the future migrant waves coming into Europe, and accused him of working with the supporter of left wing causes George Soros, who has funded groups facilitating the entry of illegal migrants into the EU and has pushed for setting permanent migration quotas.