The Prime Minister of Holland, Mark Rutte, announced that his coalition Government will resign due to the irreconcilable differences on the immigration policies.

At their last crisis meeting, the leaders of the four coalition parties didn’t reach an agreement on the issue of the scope to which the families of the migrants and refugees already in Holland, may join them. The tensions reached their peak this week, when PM Rutte required entry restrictions for the children of the war refugees, who are already in Holland, and a period f at least two years of waiting before the families are united. The Christian Union and the liberal D66 didn’t want to even debate on that.

This was Rutte’s – who is in power for 13 years, second only to Hungary’s Orban –  fourth government. He didn’t say if he is going to run for office on the early elections, expected this Autumn. Until then, he will lead the country in technical capacity.