Players from the MZT Skopje basketball team were attacked yesterday evening, during the halftime of their match against Cair 2030.
A group of attackers ambushed the players as they were going toward the locker-rooms. MZT refused to continue the match and left the Cair sports center.

The press is giving the incident an inter-ethnic dimension, as MZT Skopje is a dominantly Macedonian team supported by ethnic Macedonians from Aerodrom, while Cair is the majority Albanian part of the city center. The host team insisted that there was no incident. “We have recorded the match from all sides and we can show there was no physical contact. The incident was made up by the visiting team when they started to lose”, Cair 2030 said in a statement.

The result at the time of the incident was 44:42 for MZT.