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Macedonia 17.12.20 | 20:47

Election chaos in Stip: Extra ballot in ballot box, election commission didn’t submit report to SEC

The State Election Commission (SEC) ex officio today annulled the voting in the elections for mayor in the polling station 2266 in Stip, because the ballot box contained one ballot more than signatures in the excerpt from the voters’ list. The members of the Commission counted the ballots and determined...

Macedonia 14.12.20 | 16:49

Integra party’s candidate made the census for Zaev in Stip elections

Analyzing the official results of the elections in Stip, it is noticed that the election of Sasko Nikolov almost failed. Only 11, 668 citizens of Stip voted for the candidate of SDSM Sasko Nikolov, but that would not have been enough if the other candidates, mostly Simon Polikarp from the Integra party...

Macedonia 08.05.20 | 15:50

Dr. Pecakov: Zaev with the help of Kiceec’s paramilitary rigged the local elections in Ohrid

The “Racket” case revealed scandalous information related to Ohrid, Dr. a from VMRO-DPMNE said on Friday, adding that the testimony of the first defendant Bojan Jovanovski reveals that Zoran Zaev rigged the elections in Ohrid and that there were election irregularities. Bojan Jovanovski says...

Macedonia 05.05.19 | 14:42

11,450 citizens voted in local elections in Ohrid until 13 h, 2,743 in Novo Selo

In the mayoral elections, 99.08% of data from polling stations were processed. In Novo Selo, 2743 voters or 24.14 % of the registered voters cast their votes until 13h. In Ohrid, 11450 voters or 21.91 percent.

Macedonia 22.04.19 | 16:14

Miloshevski: People are fed up with lies, “Beautiful City” option wins in the second round

The candidate for mayor of VMRO DPMNE dr Mitre Miloshevski, who will run in the second round of extraordinary local elections for mayor in Ohrid together with SDSM candidate Konstantin Georgieski, believes that the difference in votes between these two options from the first round can be compensated...