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Economy 15.01.20 | 15:42

One week out of government, present already received: Sekerinska gives 1.6m euros tender to Angjusev

Radmila Sekerinska gave Koco Angjusev a New Year’s present worth 1.6m euros. Namely, the Ministry of Defense, headed by Sekerinska, will pay 1,600,000 euros for this year’s consumed electricity to the former deputy prime minister in charge of economic affairs in Zaev’s government, Koco...

Economy 14.01.20 | 22:48

Sekerinska and Angjusev made business deal for New Year’s Eve

The Ministry of Defense, headed by Radmila Sekerinska for this year’s consumed electricity will pay 1,600,000 euros to the still-current deputy prime minister in charge of economic affairs in Zaev’s government, Koco Angjusev, according to the Bureau of Public Procurement’s website. On...

Macedonia 28.12.19 | 14:58

No report, no note: Boki 13 ‘s house- SDSM’s operational headquarters

Outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev does not remember when he exactly reported the “Racket” case, and in the meantime the home of one of the defendants, Bojan Jovanovski, also known as Boki 13, functioned as SDSM’s operational headquarters. Can we see the report: Zaev didn’t report...

Macedonia 10.12.19 | 22:58

Sekerinska boasts with the “Macedonian” flag

Fresh gaffe from the SDSM-led government. This time, following Monday’s tour of the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier, Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska boasted on social media that the Macedonian flag was featured on a US aircraft, while actually that is the flag of the US state of Arizona.

Macedonia 04.12.19 | 14:09

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska meets Kate Middleton in London

Deputy PM and Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska met Tuesday at a reception at Buckingham Palace Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Here is a video of the meeting that Sekerenski posted on Facebook:

Macedonia 01.12.19 | 21:50

Sekerinska: Pride, the flag of our homeland raised in London!

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska posted on Facebook a photo showing the flag of Macedonia ahead of the NATO Summit in London. “Pride! The flag of our homeland raised in London ahead of the NATO summit. Together with the other 29 members. It was worth it! ”Sekerinska wrote on Facebook.

Macedonia 30.11.19 | 11:32

Sekerinska does not deny that elections may be postponed

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska leaves room for a possible postponement of the early parliamentary elections scheduled for April 12, depending on when Spain can ratify the country’s NATO accession protocol. In an interview with “360 Degrees”, Sekerinska says that option has not...

Macedonia 27.11.19 | 19:07

Macedonian ambassador to NATO to be appointed by London Summit

Macedonia will appoint an ambassador to NATO by the London Summit at the latest, Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska said on Wednesday. She also said that the Ministry of Defense had already issued an internal call for the position and that there was a list of potential candidates. We have a list of...

Macedonia 17.11.19 | 19:54

Sekerinska: 4 Women run bigger budget than all men in ministerial positions

At the SDSM Women’s Forum, Radmila Sekerinska stated that she runs men’s department, and that during her term in office our country is becoming a NATO member state. I run a department that is still considered men’s, but here we are becoming a NATO member. For two and a half years now,...

Macedonia 13.11.19 | 15:15

Expensive feasibility study not valid: Sekerinska will not give the pilot training center to the Swedish helicopter company

Uncertainties over the public-private partnership between the government and the “Swedish helicopter consortium” company for the formation of a helicopter unit for medical purposes continue. This particularly refers to the Pilot Training Center which, according to a government-commissioned...

Macedonia 29.10.19 | 19:44

Sekerinska-Palmer: Strong US support to Macedonia and its Euro-Atlantic perspectives

Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska met the visiting United States Special Representative for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer on Tuesday. The meeting focused on the NATO perspective of the country which is quite clear with the ratification of the US Senate and 25 other NATO member states, Macedonia...

Macedonia 17.10.19 | 10:52

Sekerinska urges future pilots to apply on open competition

The defense minister called on all young citizens to apply on the open competition for military pilots. She encourages future pilots that this is one of the most exciting occupations and that financial compensation during training has increased. Start your career in one of the most exciting professions!...

Macedonia 17.09.19 | 23:21

Sekerinska: We ensured that SPO cases are resolved, now everything is in the hands of the judiciary

With the new solutions we have practically ensured that all the SPO cases are fully resolved, said SDSM vice president and minister of defense Radmila Sekerinska. No one can use administrative or any judicial procedural reasons to deny them and now everything is in the hands of the judiciary. We as...

Macedonia 16.09.19 | 12:24

Zaev and Sekerinska are the anchor that pulls us down

This criminal racketeering gang in power is the worst thing that has happened to Macedonia. But if you take a good look at the governing duo, the Zaev-Sekerinska tandem, it cannot be any different because they are part of all the failures of Macedonia over the past twenty years, contemporaries of the...

Macedonia 03.09.19 | 14:05

Nikoloski: Did Sekerinska tell them about the midnight sessions and the “Louboutin” gift from Boki 13?

Following the meetings of Radmila Sekerinska and Nikola Dimitrov with US Special Representative for the Balkans Matthew Palmer, as well as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell in Bled, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski posed several public questions to the Minister of...

Macedonia 02.09.19 | 21:38

Sekerinska: SPO cases will have verdicts

Congratulations to Matthew Palmer on his new position – US Special Representative for the Western Balkans, Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska wrote on Facebook, posting a joint photo with Palmer and Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov from the Bled Strategic Forum. We have the support...

Macedonia 30.08.19 | 18:52

Sekerinska: North Macedonia de facto functions as NATO member

NATO membership is within reach by a matter of weeks. The country is de facto functioning as a NATO member country. We received the invitation, completed the negotiation process very quickly and successfully, and no member state raised any disputed issue of ratification of the protocols, Defense Minister...

Macedonia 24.08.19 | 23:52

So much anger in a seemingly fragile woman … so sad

We lie, we steal and we have lice. We may not wear Louboutin shoes, Prada and Luis Vuitton, but we sleep peacefully, even on the ceilings, and have no particular need to mess around with someone lying and stealing for us. And yes, it is true that the lie is louder than the truth, but the truth is the...

Macedonia 24.08.19 | 15:50

At the moment “Republika” is the biggest threat to the government, not the “Racket case”: Sekerinska threatens us with a lawsuit too

After Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov’s post on Facebook, in which he made open threats to the “Republika” news portal over reporting on the Infomax news portal reports, in which a record of the witness Orce Kamcev’s testimony in the BPPO “Racket” case was released,...

Macedonia 24.08.19 | 09:58

From Kamcev’s statement to Ruskoska: Zoran Zaev, Jovce and Frosina Remenski, Radmila Sekerinska and Nikola Dimitrov are directly involved in “Racket”

“From September 2018 until sometime April 10, 2019, I am constantly blackmailed by a group of people who extorted a large sum of money from me,” Orce Kamcev said in a statement made before prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska on May 2 this year. The racket started when Bojanov Jovanovski – Boki...