Ahead of Christmas Eve (Badnik) and the holding of Christmas processions, the third version and music video of the Christmas song “The Eternal God” has been released. The official promotion of the song and the music video will take place tomorrow at the city square “Macedonia” in Skopje, as part of the small Christmas concert that will precede the Christmas procession.

We created a work that should attract the attention of a new generation of children, to whom we have a sacred duty to pass on our Orthodox tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas, the way our ancestors left it to us. The simplicity of the setting and the modest table in the video bear witness to the true values of the Christians and for a moment free our senses from the overcrowding of everyday life, so that we can feel Christmas in our hearts, that Christ was born in the crib of our souls. Through this visual work, we teach our children, instead of an abundant carnal feast, to strive for angelic food, for the sweet feast of faith, of justice, of Christian joy. So, on Christmas, let’s visit and embrace our loved ones, the forgotten, the powerless, let’s share, and forgive each other, says the Association “Christmas Processions”.