It is important for us to no longer depend on the will of Pristina. I will soon visit Kosovo and Metohija. They told me all evening, come on, Vucic, sign, the Serbian president said about the marathon meeting in Ohrid.

I have unbearable pain in my right hand and I only sign with my right hand, it will hurt for another four years… Of course, this was a joke… I explained why I don’t sign… I behave responsibly and seriously and I know what I am signing, and I am used to doing it for 16 hours, I gained those work habits… I think we have done good things for Serbia and for the region and now we have to start working as hard and as hard as possible, said the Serbian president.

He explained that he has an obligation to be responsible.

The state is not a toy, it is not for non-serious and irresponsible people… It is not even a house council for the non-serious, let alone the state. There will be many problems over the Community of Serbian Municipalities, stressed Vucic.