My people, I dream of great things for our Macedonia, and it is not enough for a person to just dream, but also to work on realizing that dream. I’m ready for that. I have the right and honor to talk about those goals, because I know them, we have defined them and because a new generation of politicians is coming on the scene who have the right to talk about those goals, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at Wednesday’s event in Bitola on the occasion of the country’s 30th independence anniversary.

Mickoski pointed out to the audience that the goal of VMRO-DPMNE in the next 30 years is for Macedonia to be among the top 15 economies in Europe, and join the European Union with preserved identity and tradition.

Our goal in the next 30 years must be to enter the top 15 economies in Europe. Let ‘s not talk about mini Schengen as strategic goals, but to fight for a standard as the one in Austria. The economy should grow by an average of 5 to 6 percent per year, and not to rejoice at every single plus in the economy, he said.

According to him, our new goal must be to enter the European Union as Macedonians with our identity and preserved traditions. To be at the table of equals, and to fight for our rights from within. And not only join the Union, but also bring down the borders between countries and join the Schengen area. Our goal for the next thirty years must be to break down the latest stereotypes, divisions, slanders and accusations, he added.

Our goal, he says, in the next 30 years is to bring back the children, the families who have moved and left the country.