Specialized sites for investments abroad point to Macedonia as a favorable tax environment, and the main benefit of the Macedonian passport is that it can be used to travel to 125 destinations, writes Deutsche Welle.

You can automatically get Macedonian citizenship by investing 200 to 400 thousand euros. Those who receive this citizenship will have the right to free movement in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Turkey and the European Schengen zone, as well as an e-visa for India and access to a total of 125 destinations. Citizens will also have the opportunity to pass citizenship on to future generations, with access to a strategic trade market and more.

These are some of the promises that can be read on specialized websites for investments abroad, which are intended for businessmen who want to invest in Macedonia. One of them is the Nairametrics website – a financial resources company based in Nigeria, with a special focus on financial literacy, investor advocacy and business intelligence, which recently published a text stating that “Macedonian citizenship by investment can be obtained with no minimum residency or language requirements.

The Macedonian government needs wealthy and talented individuals who can invest in the country and boost its economy. Being a citizen provides benefits such as free movement to several countries, writes Nairametrics.

From 2005 to December 31, 2022, a total of 121 persons of economic interest, then 12 persons of cultural interest, 12 persons of scientific interest and 134 persons of sports interest obtained Macedonian citizenship, the Macedonian Ministry of Internal Affairs told Deutsche Welle.

In a text explaining all the steps for investors to obtain Macedonian citizenship, Nairametrics points out that the procedure can be completed within two to five months with a minimum investment of 200,000 to 400,000 euros with no minimum residency or language requirements. Macedonia is described as a country in Southeast Europe with scenic rivers and mountainous regions, which has a thriving economy with good agriculture and trade prospects and a rich cultural heritage. But also a friendly culture and a favorable tax environment.

On the other hand, after the reveal of the “Mafia” or “Double” affair, it turned out that Macedonia is a Mecca for easily obtaining legal documents for international criminals. Kristijan Golubovic speaks openly about how easy it is to get a Macedonian passport in an interview with “Republika”.

Macedonia has always been good at cooperating with politicians and criminals and with politicians because it was on the so-called “wind rose”. Big gangs pass through Macedonia from all sides – Albanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian, Montenegrin, Turkish… You are at the epicenter of events, you are a small country that is easy to get in and out of, transit and these people don’t stay here and you are a springboard. You have developed a service for criminals.

Kristijan also reveals the “price list” of how much a Macedonian passport for criminals costs.

If we talk about originals, the price is from 5 to 10 thousand euros, and they reach up to 25,000 euros, Golubović told “Republika”.