The President of the University Student Assembly at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (USS-UKIM), Aleksandar Nikolovski, expressed student frustration during a protest on Monday, citing delayed scholarship payments and other subsidies as the primary reasons.

Nikolovski conveyed the students’ discontent by stating, “We are displaying a red card to the Ministry of Education. USS is working to ensure that students’ voices are heard in the future. In a Facebook post, Minister Jeton Shaqiri claimed that students have received their funds, but, as per their commitment, the funds were initially supposed to be disbursed in mid-January, then by the end of January. This pertains specifically to scholarships. Additionally, there are delays in funds for retroactive payments, transportation vouchers, and issues related to the student meal. The anger stems from the delayed implementation of all measures and the perceived lack of responsibility within the institution,” Nikolovski explained.

The President of the Student Assembly at the largest state university emphasized their pursuit of systemic change. He outlined their next step, which involves initiating a calendar of activities that the Ministry must adhere to, ensuring timely disbursement of all student measures. Nikolovski also mentioned plans to request amendments to the Law on Student Standard.

Despite inviting the Education Minister to join the protest, the students declined his invitation for an indoor meeting at the Ministry. Instead, Minister Jeton Shaqiri called a press conference during the course of the protest.